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If you are just visiting monrevecosmetics.com or buying from this website, these Terms of Use and Sale (henceforth “Terms of Use”, “Terms”) apply to you.

This website and online shop are owned, operated and provided subject to these terms and conditions by HELLENICA COSMETIC PRODUCTS EXPLOITATION S.A. ("HELLENICA COSMETICS S.A."), a company incorporated under the Laws of the Hellenic Republic (Greece), with registered offices at 7 Chimaras street, Marousi, P.O. 15125, Attica, GREECE, VAT number EL094004232, business registry number (Γ.Ε.ΜΗ.) 249101000, tel. +30 211 8804000, fax +30 2106198840-9, e-mail monreve-sales@hellenica.gr (hereinafter referred to as “monrevecosmetics.com”, "Hellenica Cosmetics S.A.", “Company”, "us", "we" or "our").

We provide online features and other products and services to you when you visit our website. On our online shop you can buy our products.

These Terms have been established for the purpose of informing all potential buyers (the “Buyer” or “Customer”) on the terms and conditions under which the seller ("Hellenica Cosmetics S.A." or the "Seller") shall proceed to the sale and delivery of products ordered through the website monrevecosmetics.com (the "Website"). Therefore, the act of the Buyer placing an order for a product offered through the Website shall be in all aspects governed by these Terms, which the Buyer recognises that have been fully informed on and accepted before placing an order.

The Seller that offers the products through this Website is HELLENICA COSMETICS S.A. and you can contact us by calling our customer service team at +30 211 8804113, by sending e-mail to monreve-sales@hellenica.gr or by writing to us to the following address:
Digital Department
7 Chimaras str.,
P.C. 151 25
Marousi, Attica,

For the purposes of these Terms, visitors and users of our website and/or potential buyers and Hellenica Cosmetics S.A. shall be individually or collectively referred to as the "Party" or "Parties" respectively.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using our website, online shop and services.

By accessing, viewing, browsing, using, transmitting, caching, storing and/or otherwise utilising our website, the services or functions offered therein and by making any transaction on our online shop in any way through whatever platform you acknowledge and agree to have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions set out below. If you do not agree to each and all of these terms and conditions, please do not use monrevecosmetics.com and refrain from making any further use of this website.

These Terms do not affect any consumer rights provided by applicable law.

These Terms, as well as any document or annex expressly referred hereto, constitute the entire agreement between us regarding their subject matter and supersede any prior written or oral agreement, arrangement or settlement between us. All notifications must be made in writing.

We may amend these Terms from time to time. The amendment will take effect as soon as this text is updated, so please read these Terms regularly. We may unilaterally modify the Terms of Use at any time, without prior notice, by announcing such modification via our Website. We may send you via e-mail periodical reminders of the notices of our terms of use, unless you ask us not to do so.


On our website you can:
a. access information relevant to our products, services and brand
b. buy our products on our online shop (e-shop) and add products to your wishlist
c. create an account on our Website
d. access information on stores and online stores that sell our products
e. share our products on social media (facebook, twitter and Pinterest)
f. contact us for any matter via contact form or find information on how to contact us by other means in order to make enquiries
g. find links to our social media pages (facebook and Instagram); find a link to the team that designed and developed our Website
h. subscribe to our newsletter

Use this website for any other purposes, including without limitation, to make any false or fraudulent enquiries about our products or services, is not permitted. You are not allowed to post or distribute on this website any software or other materials which contain a virus or other harmful component(s).

You are not allowed to use, copy, monitor, display, download, re-sell, deep-link, or reproduce any content or information, software, products or services available on our website for any commercial or competitive activity or purpose, unless you have our express permission.

Our website is not intended for use by minors, and if you are a minor, we urge you to use this website with a parent or guardian present. To be eligible to purchase products on the Website Buyers must: (a) be at least 18 years old or, if minors, have duly obtained parental consent; and (b) be consumers, meant as natural persons acting for purposes extraneous to their trade, business, craft and profession. Hellenica Cosmetics S.A. trades products through its website solely for retail customers and end users. Any order not corresponding to a retail sale and any fraudulent or assumedly fraudulent order shall be treated by Hellenica Cosmetics S.A. as void and shall not be processed.


We respect and value your privacy. Please check with our Privacy and Cookies Policies for further information.


Information on products is available on the Website in detail and is provided in accordance with applicable law. We will take all reasonable care to ensure that all details, descriptions, images of products appearing on the Website are correct at the time when the relevant information was entered onto the system; however, to the extent permitted by applicable law, we do not warrant that said details, descriptions, images of products are accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free. We cannot warrant that all information about the products written on their package is translated in every language of the Countries of the European Union. In any case, all information is available in English and Greek language.

The products described on the Website, and any samples thereof we may provide to the customer, are for personal use only. Customers may not sell or resell any of these products or samples thereof.

This contract covers exclusively any sale of products made through this online store hosted on the website monrevecosmetics.com. Any deviations from this agreement must be confirmed by us in writing. The information contained in these Terms and on our website does not constitute a sale proposal but an invitation to get information. Your order is an offer to us to buy the product(s) in your order. An order of products entails the Buyer's obligation to pay the cost of the order. Your contract is with HELLENICA COSMETICS S.A.. The sale contract between the Parties shall be executed in Greece. When you make an order, you indicate that you accept this contract and all its terms.

It is recommended that Buyers should keep all information regarding their orders. If you have any questions or concerns when placing an order or if you wish to enquire about a previously placed order, you may contact us via email at the following address: monreve-sales@hellenica.gr. It is recommended that you keep your order number available.

The submission of every order through the Website means that the Customer accepts these Terms of Use and Sale and our Privacy and Cookies Policy, without any reservation regarding their terms and possible special agreements between the Parties. The Buyer is solely responsible for the correction of any possible mistakes done by him/her during the submission of the order through the Website. The submission of an order results a distance contract between Hellenica Cosmetics S.A. and the Buyer and is ruled by the relevant legal provisions. The Buyer has the obligation to pay for the total price of his/her order, as long as he has submitted the order through the Website.

Placing an Order

The Buyer should follow a series of simple instructions on the Website in order to place his/her order. The Buyer may choose one or more products of the different categories that are available through the Website. To choose a product that he/she wishes to purchase, he/she must click "Add to my bag" to place the product selected in the desired quantity in the shopping bag. At any time during shopping Buyer may review the products in the shopping bag by clicking on "My Bag" of each page. Buyer may save a product on their wishlist, by clicking on the heart icon on the product page. The product will then be moved to Buyer's Wishlist in "My Account". To access Buyer's wishlist from any computer, Buyer must register or sign in with his/her account.

The Buyer must follow the onscreen instructions to proceed through the checkout process. Through the checkout process he/she may always correct any data he/she has mistakenly entered, change the contents of his/her Bag, or even cancel the entire order before submitting his/her order. Submission of an order by a Buyer means that he/she acknowledges and declares that he/she has read all the instructions provided during the checkout process and fully accepts these Terms. In order for the Buyer to finally place an order request for products via the Website he/she has to click on the Submit button at the end of the order process.

Every order should not exceed a limit of 1.000 Euros as a total amount to be paid. Specific restrictions may apply with regard to maximum purchase amounts for certain payment methods as per Article 5 herein.

Order Confirmation

The sale is completed when the Buyer places the order. HELLENICA COSMETICS S.A. shall confirm the order by sending a related email to the Buyer's email address ("order confirmation email"). The order confirmation email contains a summary of these Terms, information on the essential characteristics of the purchased products, a detailed indication of the price and means of payment, information on delivery charges, information on the conditions and methods to exercise the right of withdrawal under Article 8 herein below, the address to which complaints may be addressed, information on support services and on existing commercial warranties. If an email order confirmation does not arrive within 24 hours after the submission of the order, Buyer may contact us at (+30) 211 8804113 or monreve-sales@hellenica.gr for assistance.

Order Amendment or Cancelation

From the moment that the abovementioned step (Order Confirmation) is completed and validated, the Buyer may not amend his/her order. Should he/she wish either to amend or cancel his/her order, he/she has to contact HELLENICA COSMETICS S.A. E-shop Customer Service (Digital Marketing Department) at (+30) 211 8804 113 during working hours and days (Monday - Friday, 10am -5pm, EET) and request an amendment/ cancellation.

Availability of Products

If some of the products ordered by the Buyer, are not available, the Company should contact him/her, by e-mail or/and by phone, within a reasonable period of time since the time the order is placed, in order to notify the Buyer of the possible delivery time. In this case, the Buyer can ask for the cancellation of the order of this specified product. If there is any remaining part of the order, then this is normally handled. If the goods are no longer produced or delivered, then, after the above notification, the order is considered not to have been made, without any liability of the Company. We provide no guarantee for the availability of our products, but we will inform you in a timely manner about their unavailability.

Dispatch Confirmation

As soon as the order is dispatched, a second email shall be sent to the Buyer, informing him/her about dispatching of his/her order. From this moment on HELLENICA COSMETICS S.A. is entitled to collect full cost of the order and the related shipping charges.

Offer Coupon Codes

We often offer special offers to our customers applicable by adding a special offer coupon code to your order during "Checkout". Special offers are available for as long as relevant stock of the Products is also available. Buyers must simply enter their code into the "coupon code" box during the checkout process on the website. Coupon codes are case sensitive and should be entered exactly as they appear. Once a coupon code is accepted, the relevant offer will be displayed in the "Order Review". Only one coupon code can be used per order.


The sale prices of the Products on our online shop are expressed in Euros and are those applicable at the time of placing an order, including the legally applicable VAT and any other applicable taxes. If the rate of VAT changes between your order date and the date we supply the product, we will adjust the rate of VAT that you pay, unless you have already paid for the product in full before the change in the rate of VAT takes effect. Even though we try to present you at all times with the correct prices of our products on our website, please note that some of our products may be mispriced. Before we take your payment, we will always verify our prices. If a product's correct price is lower than the price on our website, we will charge you the lower amount and send you the product. In the event that an obvious error in the pricing of a product is detected, we will offer the customer the opportunity to purchase the product at the correct price or to cancel the order.

The prices of our products do not include shipping expenses. Delivery charges are indicated separately on the order form. Before placing your order, your shipping expenses will be calculated, based on your delivery preferences and the nature of your order, and you will be informed of the total value of your order, minus extra fees that are not under our control (for further information, please see below the section Customs, Duties and Taxes under 6. SHIPPING, DELIVERY AND CUSTOMS).


If you have any questions about shipping or you need any further information you may contact us at (+30) 211 8804113 or via email at the following address: monreve-sales@hellenica.gr.

If Customers have created an Account at our Website, they can check the status of their most recent orders by visiting the Order History page into the My Account area. In this way you can easily and conveniently get the most current information regarding your order. Entering My Account area happens by simply entering your email address and password to the Order Status page of our Website. You can access a summary of your most recent orders with detailed information.

As soon as your order is dispatched, an email will inform you about shipping of your order, providing also with the tracking number of you order.

It might happen that your order or part of it may be cancelled by our system for a series of reasons, such as:
· Some of the items of your order are not available.
· Payment information could not be processed.
· Our Website cannot deliver to the shipping address you have provided.
· Customer has placed a duplicate order by mistake.
· An order was cancelled at Customer's request.

If the order is cancelled for any reason, Customer shall receive an email to the email address provided informing about the cancellation. Hellenica Cosmetics S.A. shall not bear any liability for any damage caused to the Buyer by a possible cancellation of his/her order.


Under EU and Greek law, you have the right to a two (2) year guarantee from the delivery of our products. Without being charged, you can request repair or replacement of the goods purchased from us, if these goods have defects or do not look as advertised. If the goods cannot be repaired or replaced within a reasonable time or without difficulties or if the repair or replacement is impossible or entails disproportionate expenses, you can always claim reimbursement or a reduction of the purchase price.
This guarantee does not affect your right of withdrawal as described above.

In case your order is not delivered correctly or some items are missing from the delivery package, we will restore the error at our own cost and ship the correct quantity of items you ordered as soon as possible.

All our products are dermatologically tested and are not in any way harmful for your skin. If for any reason, you notice a reaction after 1-2 days of using one of our products please contact us immediately at monreve-sales@hellenica.gr with an email subject "Reaction to product”.


You agree that you use monrevecosmetics.com at your own risk. The content, services and materials in our website are provided "as is" and on an "as available" basis without representations or warranties of any kind either express or implied. Hellenica Cosmetics S.A. makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, with respect to the operation of the Website, the information, photographs, characteristics, content, materials or products, included on the Website. The content of this website is not and cannot in any way be interpreted as providing advice, directly or indirectly encouraging users to take any action.

We make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the description of our products on the Web page is as accurate as possible. Nevertheless, to the extent permitted under the applicable law, we do not guarantee that the descriptions and colours of the products, the information or any other content available on the Website are accurate, complete, reliable, contemporary or free of errors.

We are committed to maintain the quality, completeness and validity of the information provided on this website regarding the identity of monrevecosmetics.com and the products provided by us, subject to any technical or typographical errors that cannot be predicted or have occurred inadvertently or due to interruptions to the proper functioning of this Website because of force majeure events. Please note, however, that any reliance you place on such information is strictly at your own risk and we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the Website or the information, products, services, or related images contained on our website for any purpose.

We are not responsible, nor shall we compensate any losses or damages due to any improper functioning of the website or technical support.


Subject only to your consumer rights in relation to the sale of our goods, as described above, in no event will we be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, punitive, special, direct, indirect, incidental or consequential loss or damage, loss of contract, loss of or damage to property and claims of third parties, loss of claim or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data, income or profits arising out of or in connection with the use of our Website.

We endeavour to keep the Website up and running smoothly. However, no data transmission over the Internet is guaranteed to be 100% secure. Therefore, Hellenica Cosmetics S.A. takes no responsibility for and will not be liable for the Website being temporarily unavailable due to technical issues beyond our control. We will not be held liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or punitive damages, losses or costs suffered, incurred or paid by you, pursuant to, arising out of or in connection with the use, inability to use or delay in the use of our Website. In any case, we reserve the right to at any time temporarily or permanently discontinue the operation of all or part of our Website for maintenance or updating purposes or for any reason whatsoever.

We are not responsible or liable for (and have no obligation to verify) any wrong or misspelled or inaccurate information submitted by you.

We do not warrant that the site or servers through which it is made available to you do not contain "viruses" or other harmful software programs and we are not responsible for any form of damage suffered by you when you browse or use our webpages, services and content, (for example, but not limited to, damage caused by illegal acts of third parties such as theft or decryption of password and/or data, spreading of viruses during the use of the Website or downloading content items, problems that may occur when using computers, e.g. data loss, etc).

To the full extent permitted under the Greek law, Hellenica Cosmetics S.A disclaims all warranties, either explicit or tacit, indicatively including the warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. In addition, Hellenica Cosmetics S.A. does not represent or warrant that the information accessible via the Website is accurate, complete or current. Price and availability information is subject to change without notice.

Hellenica Cosmetics S.A. does not guarantee that this web page, its servers or the emails sent by Hellenica Cosmetics S.A. are free of viruses or other harmful components.

Hellenica Cosmetics S.A. shall not be held liable for any damage of any nature whatsoever that may be caused by the use of this web page, indicatively including direct, indirect, collateral, criminal and consequential damages. Users of this website are invited to use anti-virus and anti-malware software.

The Website offers connection to sites of third parties. Hellenica Cosmetics S.A. cannot control the safety and the content of the information of these sites and cannot be liable for any damages or loss that may derive from the use or visit of the sites of third parties.

Hellenica Cosmetics S.A. bears no liability for any disturbance or damage that may derive from the malfunctioning of the hardware or software of user's device accessing the Website (e.g. pc, phone, or tablet).

Hellenica Cosmetics S.A. tries to inform the consumers about the availability of the products in time but bears no liability for it.

Hellenica Cosmetics S.A. cannot warrant that all information about the products written on their package are translated in every language of the Countries of the European Union. In any case, all information is available in English and Greek.

Our Business Partners and Associates

We are not be liable for any (personal) injury, death, property damage, or other (direct, indirect, special, consequential or punitive) damages, losses or costs suffered, incurred or paid by you, whether due to (legal) acts, errors, breaches, (gross) negligence, wilful misconduct, omissions, non-performance, misrepresentations, tort or strict liability by or (wholly or partly) attributable to our business partners and/or our third party associates, including, in case of doubt, of their employees, directors, officers, agents, representatives, subcontractors or affiliated companies, whose products or services are (directly or indirectly) made available, offered or promoted on or through our website, including any (partial) cancellation of order, strike, force majeure or any other event beyond our control.


You agree to indemnify and release the Company and our partners, employees, managers, workers, shareholders, information providers, suppliers and license holders (hereinafter “the Indemnified Parties”) against and from all liability and costs, including, without limitation, reasonable legal costs to be incurred by the Indemnified Parties in relation to any claim deriving from (a) the access to and/or use of the Website; (b) any breach of any of these Terms of Use by you or by any user of your account and/or (c) any claim that, if true, would constitute breach of any of these Terms of Use by you or by any user of your account.

In addition, you understand and accept that you have the exclusive responsibility to indemnify the Indemnified Parties for any legal dispute arising between us or you and third parties, due to your content posting, publishing or any other kind of illegal transfer of data through our website services, as well as in the event of inaccurate registration of data when registering or updating your data and generally in the event of any breach of these Terms of Use and Sale.


Through this Website, by following a link, hyperlink or by clicking on a banner you may be able to access other websites or applications which are not under our control. We have no control over the nature, content and availability of those third-party websites. The inclusion of any links does not necessarily imply a recommendation or endorsement of the views expressed within them. We are not responsible for the availability, content, privacy policy, quality and completeness of those websites. We are not responsible for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of a link to another website or the use of data and information contained on any such website. Therefore, for any problem that arises during your visit there or the use of those websites, you must address your complaints directly at them, as they bear the full (civil and criminal) responsibility for the security, the lawfulness, the validity of the content of their websites and the provision of their services. Our Website provides links to other websites exclusively for your convenience and the inclusion of any link to those websites shall in no case be regarded as, or entail, assumption of liability or warranty or incitement or validation by Hellenica Cosmetics S.A. of either the content or the quality of the services and products provided via them.


We are not responsible for breach of these terms due force majeure events (such as, for example, extreme weather events, earthquakes, floods, fires, emergency situations, etc.).


Notwithstanding third party rights, the intellectual property rights (including copyright and trademarks) of the contents and information (including, indicatively, text, graphics, logos, icons, digital downloads and software etc.) of our Website are owned by Hellenica Cosmetics S.A., unless stated otherwise.

We exclusively retain ownership of all intellectual property rights of our Website and you are not entitled to copy, hyperlink to, scrape, publish, promote, market, integrate, utilise, combine, upload or otherwise use the content of our Website without our prior express written permission. No modification, publication, transmission, transfer, reproduction, distribution, presentation or other use of the aforementioned contents and information -in whole or in part- of our website shall be permitted in any way whatsoever or by any means whatsoever for commercial or other purposes, without our prior written consent. Any of the aforementioned actions or unlawful use will constitute a material infringement of our intellectual property rights, which are protected under Greek and EU law and international conventions and treaties.

The marks displayed on our Website are registered trademarks of Hellenica Cosmetics S.A. or its associates, including licensors in Greece and in other countries. All other trademarks that are not owned by Hellenica Cosmetics S.A. or its associates and are displayed on our Website are owned by their respective beneficiaries, which may or may not be parties associated to, related to, or sponsored by Hellenica Cosmetics S.A. or its subsidiaries.

Copyright Violation Complaint

We respect the intellectual property of others. If you believe that the content of our Website has been copied in a manner that constitutes violation of copyright, you are kindly requested to contact us by sending an e-mail to monreve-sales@hellenica.gr.


We make a reasonable effort to safeguard your data throughout our communication, by following strict security measures which, at our discretion, may be altered or modified. You are advised, however, that sending confidential information through email services is not completely secure, as there is always a risk of malicious third parties gaining unauthorised access to our communications. If you suspect that your email address or telephone number is no longer secure, please notify us immediately.

We are always pleased to hear from you and welcome your messages. However, we will not accept messages which include:
· profanity, sexually explicit content, hate speech, discriminatory content, threats, violence;
· any vulgar, obscene, discourteous or indecent language;
· personal attacks towards our staff;
· promoting illegal activities (for example drugs, prostitution);
· politically sensitive comments;
· advertisements or information for commercial purposes of any kind;
· any material that infringes and/or violates any right of a third party or any law;

You are solely responsible for the content of your messages and you indemnify and hold Hellenica Cosmetics S.A. harmless for the content of such messages.

If in our communication (via contact form, emails etc) you provide us with information other than personal data, such as suggestions about our Website or ideas for advertisements and products as well as any other relevant information or image, the voluntarily provided information, suggestions and ideas come into our possession with your consent and can be used/exploited by us in any way (e.g. reproduction, modification, disclosure to third parties, etc) for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

Anyone providing such information, suggestions and ideas to us waives any right to such information, suggestions and ideas that he/she voluntarily provided, and waives any right to compensation for the use of such material by us. We reserve the absolute right to review the content of our site and to post or reject the texts, comments, images and information provided by any third party via live contact form, email etc.


You may access and use our website exclusively and only for your personal use according to these Terms of Use. It is agreed upon that no access to or usage of the Website is allowed in any way that is forbidden in accordance with these Terms in effect or that it is unlawful. You must comply with the rules and provisions of the applicable law, the European and international law and the legislation governing telecommunications, and avoid any illegal and abusive/improper behaviour likely to entail negative consequences for other visitors/users and cause damage or disturbance to our website and, by extension, to Hellenica Cosmetics S.A..

We hereby grant you a limited license to access and personally use this Website. It is prohibited to reproduce, copy, sell, resell, visit or otherwise exploit this Website or any part thereof for any commercial purpose, without the prior written consent by Hellenica Cosmetics S.A.. It is prohibited to frame or use framing techniques for copying any trademark, logo or other proprietary information (including the pictures, text, setup or form of the Website) without the prior written consent by Hellenica Cosmetics S.A.. You are hereby granted a limited, revocable and non-exclusive right to create a hyperlink to the homepage of Hellenica Cosmetics S.A. or monrevecosmetics.com, on condition that the link will not display Hellenica Cosmetics S.A., its associates or any of their products or services in an erroneous, misleading, deviant or offensive manner or in any other manner whatsoever that may be considered as unacceptable by Hellenica Cosmetics S.A. at its absolute discretion. It is prohibited to use any of the logos or other proprietary graphics or trademarks as part of the link without the prior written consent of Hellenica Cosmetics S.A..

The Company shall reserve the right, at its discretion, to terminate or suspend your access to and/or use of the Website or any part thereof at any time, with or without prior notice and for any reason (or without any reason), and you agree that (a) if your license of access to the Website is terminated, you will neither have nor attempt to have access to the Website, directly or indirectly; and (b) if your license of access to the Website is suspended, you will neither have nor attempt to have access to the Website, directly or indirectly, until such suspension is terminated and you are explicitly notified to that end.

You are solely responsible for the lawful use of this Website and you are required to refrain from any unlawful act and abusive behaviour, as well as from the adoption of illegal practices and practices of unfair competition.

You agree that you will not use any device, software or routine to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of monrevecosmetics.com.

Any use you make of this Website, including but not limited to the information you provide to us:
i) shall not contain any viruses, Trojan horses, worms, or other computer programming routines that are intended to damage, detrimentally interfere with, intercept or expropriate any system, data or information;
ii) shall not create liability for us or cause us to lose (in whole or in part) the services of our Internet Service Providers or other suppliers. iii) shall not commit or attempt to commit any unlawful/illegal acts, including infringement of intellectual property rights (copyright, patents, trademarks, industrial property rights etc) through use of the Website and/or our services.
iv) shall not attempt to interfere with the smooth function of the Website or the server where it is hosted.
v) Shall not make any use of this Website, any information or content contained herein, or our services in order to send unsolicited messages, including SPAM messages.

You agree that you will not endanger the security of this Website and that you will not prevent any user from accessing this Website. The use of the Website for illegal purposes may create civil and/or criminal liability for you. You agree and accept that we have no responsibility for illegal material which is posted by third parties and hosted on the Website and that we do not to embrace or accept such illegal content. We are not required to check, and we do not perform any review prior to publication of the content and information that is published by third parties. We do not bear any responsibility for such content posted by third parties.

You agree that as you browse and use our Website you may be exposed to offensive, immoral or illegal content. In the event that we are notified that any content causes non-pecuniary damage or other damage to a third party, we reserve the right to immediately delete this content and at the same time delete any information related to the creator of this content who is violating the terms hereof. We expressly declare that we will work with any police, judicial or other public authority to disclose the identity of any user who publishes or transmits illegal material or information. You agree that any information (personal or otherwise) submitted by you to us is complete, correct and accurate, that it complies with the rules of Greek law, and in particular with the relevant provisions of telecommunications law, that it does not constitute an illegal and/or contrary to public morals use of monrevecosmetics.com and that it does not violate any third-party rights and, in particular, personal privacy.


If you breach these Terms of Use and Sale and we take no action, we will still be entitled to fully use our rights and remedies in any situation where you breach these Terms of Use and Sale.


If any provision of these Terms of Use and Sale is or becomes invalid, unenforceable or non-binding, you shall remain bound by all other provisions hereof.


· This contract is between you and Hellenica Cosmetics S.A.. No other person shall have any rights to enforce any of its terms and the agreement of any other person cannot be a prerequisite of ending the contract or make any changes to these terms, unless the applicable law directly provides otherwise.
· The protection provided by laws in relation to distance contracts, as well as the present Terms, apply only to contracts with natural persons who act as consumers, and in any case not for business purposes or for their profession.
· Hellenica Cosmetics S.A. reserves the right to modify and update these Terms without prior notice. It is recommended to each buyer and generally to every user to read these Terms often. Your order is subject to these Terms which are valid on the date that the order is submitted.
· The use of our Website and placing orders at our e-shop implies that the user has already read and acknowledged these Terms, as well as our Privacy and Cookies Policy.


These Terms of Use and Sale and the provision of our products and services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Hellenic Republic (Greece). If you are a consumer that is domiciled in the EU, you will also benefit from any mandatory provisions of the law of the country in which you are domiciled. Nothing in these terms and conditions, including this clause, affects your rights as a consumer to rely on such mandatory provisions of local law. In case the Customer chooses to have access to this site from another country he/she will be responsible to abide with the laws of such country.

Furthermore, the use of our website and the sale of our products through our online shop are governed by the Greek Code of Practice for Consumer Protection in E-Commerce, which can be accessed here (text only in Greek).

If you are not a consumer that is domiciled in the EU, any dispute arising out of these Terms of Use and Sale and the provision of our products and services shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts in Athens, Greece.

If you are a consumer that is domiciled in the EU, any dispute arising out of these Terms of Use and Sale and the provision of our products and services shall be submitted to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts in Athens, Greece. This means that, as an EU consumer, you may choose to bring a claim in connection with these Terms of Use and Sale and the provision of our products and services either in Athens, Greece or in the EU country in which you live.


We are happy to address any complaints arising from the provision of our services. If you have such complaints, you can always contact us directly at monreve-sales@hellenica.gr and we will happily address you concerns.

If you are a natural person based in the EU or Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein (the European Economic Area) and you are not satisfied by our addressing of your complaint, you can submit your complaint on the European Commission's Online Dispute Resolution platform, which can be found on this website: ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr.

You may also refer disputes to the following Alternative Dispute Resolution entity:
The Consumer Ombudsman
Sinigoros tou Katanaloti
144 Alexandras Avenue, Athens GR - 11471
Email address: grammateia@synigoroskatanaloti.gr
Website: www.synigoroskatanaloti.gr
Phone: +30 2106460862


If you require any information or support on products and methods of purchase through our Website or clarification or you want to make a suggestion in relation to our Website and e-shop, you can contact us by calling our customer service team at (+30) 211 880 4113, fax no. +30 210 6198849, by sending an e-mail to monreve-sales@hellenica.gr or by writing to us to the following address: HELLENICA COSMETICS S.A., Digital Department, 7 Chimaras str., PO BOX 151 25, Marousi, Attica, GREECE.