0.40oz / 12ml


  1. What

    Long, astonishing lashes with the perfect balance between volume and length. The ergonomic hourglass-shaped brush of the Grand Lashes consists of unstructured layout bristles creating space between them which allows it to load the right amount of product, capturing each individual lash in just coat. The short bristles in the center offer instant lash lift and ultra-black volume, while the longer bristles on the edges spread out the formula evenly along lashes for a perfectly lengthened and curled effect. Enriched with the PRO-VITAMIN B5 to protect and condition your lashes. 

  2. When

    Every Day! You can’t leave your house without mascara.

  3. How

    Upper eye lashes: start from the outer part at root of your lashes with minor zig zag motion covering all the width of your lashes. Following, swipe upwards for definition and volume at the outer and inner part of your lashes.

    Lower lashes: swipe them gently with the tip of the brush with sideway motion. Avoid placing large amount of mascara bulk on your lower lashes.

    Layer the mascara until you achieve the desired length & volume and give your lashes grand effect!